Friday, March 8, 2013

Promote RAPP, Win Fun Prizes!

Thanks to the encouragement of Jamieson, our RAPP recruitment contest is back!

When people complete and turn in ARJ 2013 and RAPP XXIX applications, there’s a spot for them to list the names of any and all people from whom they learned about the program.  We’ll keep track of who has the most shout-outs from applicants and will reward you with a UC gift pack of awesomeness!

We have two prizes up for grabs: 

1) The person who recruits the most ARJ 2013 applicants (awarded in May)

2) The person who recruits the most RAPP XXIX applicants (awarded in September).

Need information on how to apply for the programs?  Check out our Join RAPP page!

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