Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RAPP Spotlight: Tyler T, Speaker Extraordinaire

RAPP Spotlight is a column that we briefly had on the RAPP blog that we're now reviving.  What better place to start than with a RAPPer who's done much in the spotlight lately: Tyler Thompson!

Tyler is a graduate of RAPP XXV, a graduate of the inaugural class of the Social Justice League, and is a Peer Leader with RAPP XXVII this year.  He's a third-year student studying neuroscience and psychology.

Tyler is involved in several organizations on campus, including GenderBlocColors of Pride, and Advocates for Youth.  It's his involvement in these that put him in the spotlight on campus and in Greater Cincinnati this past week.

This past Saturday, November 20th, was the annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Tyler helped Cincinnati recognize this in several ways.

On Wednesday, November 17th, Tyler was the closing speaker for the city-wide event - he provided a brief but inspiring reflection on achievements toward and a call to action for continued work on trans* equality.

On Friday, November 19th, Tyler put on a rousing performance during the quarterly GenderBloc Genderf*ck Drag Show, which recognized Transgender Day of Remembrance as well as raised funds for TransOhio and awareness of Ohio issues and legislation around sexual health and education.

Thank you Tyler for all that you do!

Tyler delivering the Closing Reflection at the Greater Cincinnati Transgender Day of Remembrance event.

Victory Congressional Internship Accepting Applications for Summer 2012 - Due Feb 6th!

From the UC LGBTQ Center:

The Victory Congressional Internship is now accepting applications for Summer 2012.

The Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute will bring 10-12 outstanding LGBTQ college students to Washington, D.C., for an intensive leadership program, including a Congressional internship with an LGBT-friendly member of Congress.

The program includes a generous stipend, placement in a congressional internship and travel to/from Washington, D.C., as well as travel and registration to the International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference in Long Beach, California, in December 2012.

Applications for Summer 2012 are due Monday, February 6 – find out more and apply now at

The Victory Congressional Internship is open to current undergraduate students* of all genders, orientations, abilities, races, and political affiliations, including people with majors other than political science.  *You must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and have at least one semester of remaining in order to participate in the summer program; you cannot graduate prior to November 2012.

Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute
Victory Congressional Internship

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Community Service with OTR Community Housing on December 3rd

Hello RAPP community!
This is a message from RAPP about our Fall quarter community service day on December 3rd!
As the date quickly approaches we are looking for volunteers to attend our day of service with Over the Rhine Community Housing. OTR Community Housing is a great organization that works to provide sustainable and affordable housing to the residents of the Over the Rhine Community. RAPP has worked with OTR community housing for the past two years, and we would like to continue our service with this organization in the hopes of making a positive impact in Cincinnati, a community we are all part of.
We have a limited number of volunteer spots available, so please reserve ASAP- ideally by Thursday, December 1st.
This is not a full day of service; it will begin at 9am and last until 12-1pm. Between 2-3 community service hours will be awarded to participants.
OTR Community Housing is located at 114 West 14th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202- you can drive down yourself and park in a pay lot on 14th street, or meet Marjorie and Rebecca at 8:15 in the RAPP office and we will ride the Metro Bus down. The bus drops off less than a block from the location and bus tokens will be provided.
For more details or to reserve a spot please contact:
Marjorie Bledsoe
or call
Please leave a message if no one is in the office 

Monday, November 21, 2011

University of Cincinnati's MSA Fast-a-Thon

From: The University of Cincinnati's Muslim Students Association

SPREAD THE WORD: Today (Monday) is the last day to pledge to fast tomorrow. Please spread the word to all your friends to pledge online here:

The University of Cincinnati's MSA would like to welcome all students to go hungry for a change. This day will give students an opportunity to experience the hunger children face everyday in areas like Africa and other third-world regions. 

All students who pledge will be treated with dinner which also includes entertainment at the Great Hall in TUC from 5:00 PM - 9:00 on November 22nd.

Our guest of honor will be Lauren Lovette who will be speaking about her experiences being homeless; she is one of the most highly-requested speakers in Cincinnati in relation to hunger and homelessness. She is now a student at the University of Cincinnati.

Also, we are honored to have Tarek El-Messedi, the co-founder of Fast-a-thon, who will be speaking about this wonderful event and what sparked it, as well as the importance of fasting in the Islamic faith.

Pledge forms can be found at All proceeds raised at the event will be donated to different charity organizations including the Free Store Foodbank and Islamic Relief (donations to Somalian orphans). We hope to see you all there, GO Bearcats!

For more details see the Facebook event here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

"Life of the Mind" Lecture Series: Faculty Members Consider the Theme of War - Nov 29th!

From the UC Libraries:


UC Faculty Members to Consider the Theme of “War.”
Life of the Mind

November 16, 2011 – The second in the "Life of the Mind" lecture series on the theme of "War" is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29 from 3:30-5pm in the Russell C. Myers Alumni Center.
Free and open to the UC community and public, “Life of the Mind” features interdisciplinary conversations with UC faculty around a one-word theme. Each quarter, there are two “Life of the Mind” sessions with three "thought provocateurs" contributing to each session. Each scholar provides a 15-minute talk followed by audience Q&A.
At the November 29 lecture, three distinguished faculty members will address the theme from unique and diverse perspectives:

Jacob Katz Cogan, College of LawSigrun Haude, History, McMicken College of Arts and SciencesJay Johannigman, College of Medicine
The Laws of War in an Era of Asymmetric ConflictCoping with WarWAR: Is and Is Not

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Films Remain in Human Rights Watch Film Fest - Nov 18-19!

From Student Activities & Leadership Development:

Two films remain in the 2011 Human Rights Watch Film Festival at UC!

You Don’t Like the Truth: 4 Days inside Guantanamo
Friday, November 18, 2011
TUC Cinema

You Don’t Like the Truth – 4 Days Inside Guantanamo is a stunning documentary based on security camera footage from an encounter in Guantanamo Bay between a team of Canadian intelligence agents and Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, then a 16-year-old detainee. 

Based on seven hours of video footage recently declassified by the Canadian courts, this documentary delves into the unfolding high-stakes game of cat and mouse between captor and captive over a four-day period. Maintaining a surveillance-camera style, the film analyses the political, legal, and psychological aspects of the interrogation through interviews with Khadr’s lawyers, a psychiatrist, an investigative journalist, former Guantanamo detainees, and a former US interrogator. 

This unique depiction of Omar Khadr’s interrogation offers an unusual insight into a world where “the truth” itself is often negotiated.

Better this World 
Saturday, November 19, 2011

**Light lunch will be provided**

Community service hours for attending this film! Please conatct Nicole Ausmer at 556-6115 for more details!

When David McKay and Bradley Crowder, two boyhood friends from Midland, Texas, visit an Austin bookstore to hear a talk on upcoming protests at the 2008 Republican National Convention, they are approached by a charismatic local activist 10 years their senior, who quickly becomes their mentor. 

Six months later at the volatile 2008 Convention, McKay and Crowder cross a line that radically changes their lives. The result: eight Molotov cocktails, multiple domestic terrorism charges, and a high-stakes entrapment defense.

 A dramatic story of idealism, loyalty, crime, and betrayal, BETTER THIS WORLD goes to the heart of the “war on terror” and its impact on civil liberties and political dissent in the United States after 9/11.

Into the City Seeking Volunteers to "Shine the Shoe" - Nov 21st!

From Into the City:

Into the City is having a HUGE fundraiser on Monday, November 21st! 

We will be participating in Shine the Shoe: a fundraiser where student organizations clean up 5/3 arena after a basketball game. 

We need a MINIMUM of 30 people. The more that come, the faster this fundraiser will go. This fundraiser gives us $800--plenty of money to be able to have social events for free and to give back to the Cincinnati community. 

You may go to the game beforehand, or you can meet up at 5/3 at 8:45 p.m. 

Email Pat at if you are able to attend. Remember, bring friends!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Local Association of Women in Science Advances Cause of Women in STEM Fields

From UC HealthNews:

Local AWIS Chapter Advances Cause of Women in STEM Fields

When Christine Pellino asks the girls who attend her after-school program what they think a scientist looks like, they respond, "White hair, old man, wearing glasses.”

She’s out to change that perception, with support from the Cincinnati chapter of the Association of Women In Science (AWIS).

"I tell them, ‘You’ll be happy to know that I’m a scientist,” says Pellino, the chapter’s community service and outreach chairperson. "And what we’re doing at this program is what scientists do—they discover, and learn, and make hypotheses about things.”

AWIS, which traces its roots to 1971, is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the interests of women in science and technology. The Cincinnati chapter was launched in January and is open not only to the UC community but also to women—and men—from the Greater Cincinnati academic and corporate community who are interested in promoting the achievement of women in all STEM fields and levels.

"We’re looking to create a regional network of women in math, sciences and engineering,” says Diana Koch, chapter president and a doctoral student in the department of molecular genetics, biochemistry and microbiology. "We’re trying to encourage mentorship for women, because there are fewer women advancing in science.”

Koch points out that once women earn advanced degrees, they often face the choice of starting a family or starting a career. Also, she says, statistics suggest that women are more likely to turn down job opportunities because they need to take care of their family—either an older relative or their children.

"So by creating these mentorships, it’s encouraging women to pursue their goals and to understand what opportunities are available and how to face challenges,” she says.

Rather than general membership meetings, the chapter’s Executive Committee focuses on monthly events that have a strong connection to real-life issues, such as a recent financial planning seminar, or offer community service opportunities. The chapter is interested in providing the professional training to women in STEM that is not taught to scientists in graduate school.

Pellino, also a doctoral student in the department of molecular genetics, biochemistry and microbiology,  partners with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission for an after-school program at the Leblond Recreation Center in the East End. The idea is to reach girls of middle-school age by focusing on a hands-on,  science-related activity.

"We start with an introductory talk, giving them enough background to do the activity or understand what’s going on,” she says. "Then we do the activity, and then I try to tie that into some sort of career.”

For information about the Greater Cincinnati chapter of AWIS, contact Diana Koch or call 703-894-4490. Here is a link to the chapter’s website. It can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Upcoming UC Sustainability Events - Nov. 17th-30th!

Thursday, November 17: Community Bike Ride 6pm @ Bike Kitchen
                Meet us at the Bike Kitchen for an easy street ride to Northside where we will meet up with the weekly Slow Ride.  This ride lasts approximately two hours and takes a steady pace on a new route each week.

November 20: UC Garden Fall Clean Up Dig Day 10am @ backyard of the UC Early Learning Center, 3310 Ruther Avenue
                Join us for a final dig day in the UC Garden for the season.  We will be preparing the garden for winter, planting cover crops, weeding, cleaning and organizing.  Don’t miss this last chance for some gardening fun!

November 18 – 20: Conference – 2011 Campus Community Partnerships for Sustainability @ NKU Student Center
                This conference will bring together 250 sustainability-minded students, faculty, and staff from public and private universities from Kentucky and the Tri-State area.  More information can be found at  Speakers include Bill McKibben and Lisa Crawford. 

Monday, November 21: Film Series – Zeitgeist: Moving Forward 7pm @ MainStreet Cinema
                This feature length documentary presents a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm.  The subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical ‘life ground’ attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a ‘Resource-Based Economy.’

Wednesday, November 30: Climate 101 Lecture Series: Pedal Power 2pm @ MainStreet Cinema
                During this presentation, members from three bicycling advocacy groups in Cincinnati will discuss the work of their organizations, the cycling movement in Cincinnati, and how you can get involved!  Mel McVay, transportation planner for the City of Cincinnati; Frank Henson, Queen City Bike; and Ellie Jones, MoBo Bicycle Cooperative will be presenting.  

LeaderShape Open to Non-Honors Students with 3.4 GPA

Attention UC students (that aren’t in the University Honors Program and have a GPA of 3.4 or higher). Consider applying for LeaderShape Institute.

The UC LeaderShapeInstitute

Are you ready to create a personal vision and learn to lead with integrity?

At the LeaderShape Institute, you’ll spend six days creating a comprehensive and powerful vision for the future that defines a bold change for your community, group, cause, or organization. As you work through this vision, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in reflection, planning, one-on-one interactions, small group feedback, and large group learning.

The LeaderShape Institute environment resembles a laboratory more than a formal classroom. You’re encouraged to practice new skills, give and receive feedback from peers and faculty, and risk new behaviors in a safe, supportive atmosphere. You’ll leave with a healthy disregard for the impossible and the ability to produce extraordinary results within your community!

The University Honors Program is pleased to present this amazing opportunity for up to 60 students December 10-15, 2011, at Higher Ground Conference andRetreat Center in West Harrison, IN.

Registration Information
The cost to participate is $200, which covers food, transportation, lodging and supplies.  Payment is not required with your online registration. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

UC’s Reed Gallery Presents Exhibit on Naples, Italy - Now-Dec 9th!

From UC News:

UC’s Reed Gallery Presents Exhibit on Naples, Italy

UC’s Reed Gallery is presenting “Napoli Senza Titiolo: Naples Untitled,” a photographic exhibition exploring the relationship between Naples and its public spaces.

Date: 11/11/2011 12:00:00 AM
By: M.B. Reilly
Phone: (513) 556-1824

UC ingot   The University of Cincinnati’s Dorothy W. and C. Lawson Reed Jr. Gallery is presenting “Napoli Senza Titiolo: Naples Untitled,” a photographic exhibition exploring the relationship between Naples and its public spaces. The exhibit runs Nov. 7-Dec. 9, 2011, and is free and open to the public.

Image from Naples Untitled
An image from Naples Untitled.

Naples is a city of extremes. Famous for its beauty and creative spirit, it's also associated with environmental degradation and political corruption. 

This exhibit presents a look at Naples of the last 40 years, showing the variety of ways in which the city has responded to challenges and offering a narrative of the city that incorporates the many facets of its character, including the ability to provide people with a sense of belonging.

The exhibition is called Naples Untitled because Naples is a city in flux, living between its hopes for a better future and fears of further decline. Similarly, the photographs on display have been left untitled in order to leave viewers free to experience the images in a personal way since titles inevitably determine interpretation and limit the communicative power of images.

“Napoli Senza Titiolo: Naples Untitled” runs from Nov. 7-Dec. 9. Hours for the Reed Gallery, which is free and open to the public, are Sunday through Thursday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

For more information, call the gallery at 513-556-2839.

GLSEN Greater Cincinnati Youth Group Launches Sunday, Nov 20th!

GLSEN GreaterCincinnati is excited to announce the launch of the
Sunday, November 20, 3-5pm  

at the  
Starfire Council of Cincinnati 
5030 Oaklawn Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227  
for this session only

All high school students and parents/guardians are invited to the launch

GLSEN Greater Cincinnati Youth Group (GYG) provides a fun, safe, supportive and confidential environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Questioning High school Youth and their Allies.  GYG will strive to build friendships and explore identity while promoting a peaceful community founded upon equality, acceptance and diversity. 

Parents/Guardian Roundtable: As part of the launch of the Youth Group, we will host a special roundtable for parents, guardians and caregivers of LGBTQ youth and allies to learn more about GLSEN and engage in conversation with each other.  

Questions? Contact: or GLSEN Greater Cincinnati's phone at (866) 934-9119. 

Please Note: Starting Sunday, November 27 all future meetings of the Youth Group will take place at Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church from 3-5pm.
Mt. Auburn is located at 103 William Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati Ohio, 45219.

Like the GYG Facebook Page to stay up to date with the Youth Group.   

Sunday, November 13, 2011

AACRC 20th Anniversary Panel Discussion and Reception - Nov 17th!

From the UC African American Cultural and Resource Center:

AACRC 20th Anniversary Panel Discussion and Reception
Thursday, November 17 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Russell C. Myers Alumni Center

The AACRC presents “The Mikutano” (Swahili for “discussions”) and the “Trafija” (Swahili for “reception”).

The Mikutano will highlight the AACRC’s history through the lenses of former and current student leaders, and will also provide an inspiration to current and prospective UC student leaders in the AACRC.

The Trafija hour will follow the discussion and will include hors d'oeuvres and dessert. The event is free and open to the public.

Confirmed Panelists:
- Reginald Brazzile
- Leisan Smith
- Mario Shaw
- Dr. Nicole Ausmer
- Christina Brown
- Sean Walton
- Cecily Goode

Human Relations Summit Honors Hamilton County's Racially Integrated Communities - Nov 19th!

From the Cincinnati Public Allies Listserv:

HousingOpportunities Made Equal and several community partners are hosting a forum to honor Hamilton County’s racially integrated communities from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011 at the SpringfieldTownship Senior/Community Center, 9158 Winton Road, Finneytown. Co-sponsors for the forum are PNC Bank, the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Bridges for a Just Community, the Cincinnatus Association, and the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission.

This Human Relations Summit spotlights 28 communities that the 2010 Census determined to have been integrated for at least 20, 30 or 40 years. As part of the morning’s program, representatives of three of those communities will share their successes and challenges in building inclusive, diverse communities. Audience members will be encouraged to participate in the discussion.

“Through our efforts to deal with illegal discrimination in housing, HOME often sees the worst of the worst with regard to racial conflict,” said Elizabeth Brown, executive director. “This forum allows us to celebrate those neighborhoods where whites and blacks are living side-by-side working together for the betterment of their communities, and they’ve been doing so for decades.”

As part of the recognition, HOME also partnered with Cincy Magazine to publish “Hidden Treasures,” a special publication featuring photos, quotes and descriptions to highlight the richness of each of these neighborhoods. Multiple copies of the magazine will be available at the forum and distributed by Cincy. In addition, trophies will be presented to each of the honored communities.

The forum is free, and the public is invited. For planning purposes, those wishing to attend are asked to contact Myra Calder, consumer education specialist with HOME, by phone at 513-721-4663 or by email at

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Genderbloc Genderf*ck DRAG SHOW - Nov 18th!

From GenderBloc:

Genderbloc Genderf*ck DRAG SHOW
Friday, November 18 at 9:00pm - November 19 at 12:00am
Catskeller, Tangeman University Center

It's that time of year again! 

Come one, come all Genderbloc's Fall Genderf*ck Drag Show honoring Transgender Day of Rememberance, on Friday November 19 at 9PM. 

The Drag Show is FREE to the public, but we will be accepting donations which will benefit both TransOhio and Genderbloc. Make sure to get there early, because Catskeller will fill up fast!

There will also be a raffle with sexy prizes!

Make sure you come out to see all your favorite performers as well as a few new ones.

Challenge gender roles by f*cking them up!

Alliance Meeting on Out in the Workplace - Nov 16th!

From the UC Alliance:

Out in the Workplace
Wednesday, November 16 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
800 Swift Hall, University of Cincinnati

The Greater Cincinnati Steering Committee of the Human Rights Campaign will be hosting this event about coming out and/or being out in the workplace, which will double as this week's UC Alliance meeting.

 It will be a very interesting meeting with panelists from different companies. We did something similar last year, and it was a great success. This meeting will be important to you in the future, so definitely come, bring your friends, and spread the word!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sustainability Film Series: Split Estates - Nov 14th!

Monday, November 14: Film Series – Split Estate 7pm @ Rec Center 3250

Split Estate maps a tragedy in the making, as citizens in the path of a new natural gas drilling boom in the Rocky Mountain West struggle against the erosion of their civil liberties, their communities, and their health.  Exempt from federal protections like the Clean Water Act, the oil and gas industry has left the idyllic landscape of Garfield County, Colorado pockmarked with abandoned homes and polluted waters.  One resident demonstrates the degree of benzene contamination in a mountain stream by setting it alight with a match.  

As the industry aggressively seeks new leases in as many as 32 states (including Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York), Split Estate cracks the sugarcoating on an industry touted as a clean alternative to fossil fuels, and poignantly drives home the need for real alternatives.  

See for more information.  Anyone interested in the current debate on fracking in the Marcellus Shale should find this documentary a must-see.

RAPPORT Meeting on Religion & Oppression - Nov 14th!

Come share your story and your experiences around religious/spiritual identity. We'll be discussing our journeys and identities, looking at religion in the context of oppression and social justice, and exploring how our identities in this area connect with other social identities we carry.

This meeting is open to all - RAPPORT members, RAPP members, friends, and others interested. 

Given the breadth and nature of what we're covering, we ask that those who haven't previously completed RAPP plan to attend the full time so that all activities are in context.

Monday, November 14 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Stratford Heights Pavilion
2634 Stratford Avenue, Cincinnat, OH 45220

This meeting is open to all - RAPPORT members, RAPP members, friends, and others interested.

Given the breadth and challenging nature of what we're covering, we ask that those who haven't previously completed RAPP plan to attend the full time so that all activities are in context.

Latin American Culture Fest at Union Terminal - Nov 12th & 13th!

From the Cincinnati Museum Center:

As a part of the ongoing Passport to the World series, this weekend the Cincinnati Museum Center will be celebrating Latin American Culture Fest!

The festival is comprised of a variety of workshops, exhibitions, and marketplace activities from 10AM to 5PM on both Sunday, November 12th, and Saturday, November 13th.  Many of the activities are free and open to the public; the rest are free for museum members or included in the cost of a museum ticket.

Check out the full calendar of events for Saturday and Sunday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Tracy Walker Concerts - Nov 12th & 13th!

From the Cincinnati Public Allies Listserv:

Saturday, November 12, 7 p.m.
Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 3711 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 45220

FAMILY CONCERT: Sing a Song with Tracy Walker
Sunday, November 13, 3-4 p.m.Taft Museum of Art
Both events are FREE. To make reservations call 513-684-4528

Snapshots from Outreach: What's @ UC?

One of the three key ways RAPP works on campus is providing free workshops, trainings, and retreats to the campus and community.

Last week was our first in Stratford Heights for the year.  RAPP members, RAPPORT folks, and community members joined in for a program organized by Kevin W (XXVI), resident advisor in Stratford Heights.

We played "What's @ UC?" - a game that challenges and educates Bearcats about demographics and resources around race, gender, sexuality, ability, and religion.

Many thanks to all who came out and played & discussed!

If you're interested in scheduling a workshop, check out our Outreach page!

Wil P (XXV) joins two community members in discussing a round.

Adolphe (XXVI), Brice, (XXV), and Jojo (XXIV) made up the team "The 3 Gents"!

Cassie (XXVI), Lulu (XXII), and Keshar (XXVII) figuring out the answers to a round!

Kevin & Matthew (XXVI) were joined by community members in their team!

Student Alumni Council Info Nights - Nov 9th & 10th!

From the UC Student Alumni Council:
Fellow Bearcats,

Are you interested in networking with campus leaders? Would you like to build your network with UC Alumni while exhibiting your Bearcat spirit? If so, the Student Alumni Council (SAC) is the organization for you!

The Student Alumni Council is the campus organization that acts as the liaison between students and alumni by working with the Alumni Association, staff and students. In addition to regularly assisting with programming of the Alumni Association, SAC has also been responsible for the planning and execution of all Homecoming events, Sibs Weekend, Grad Fest and the Red & Black Book. SAC is currently seeking new members who are dedicated to connecting students and alumni while exhibiting great Bearcat spirit. Members are expected to attend weekly meetings on Wednesday nights at 5:30, complete one office hour per week and be actively involved in one committee within SAC.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Student Alumni Council, please attend one of our two Info Nights on November 9th or 10th at 6:00pm in the Russell C. Myers Alumni Center. In order to be considered for membership, attendance at one of these Info Sessions is mandatory. Applications will be made available to attendees after each session. Pizza will be provided.

If you have any questions about the Student Alumni Council or would like more information, please feel free to contact me with questions.

Go Bearcats!


Mike Rodmaker
VP of Membership

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Volunteers Needed for Morning Glory Research - Nov 10th-12th!

Would you like to get a glimpse of what research is like?  Do you need experience or volunteer hours?  The Baucom lab from the biology department is doing agricultural research with a problematic weed, the morning glory.  Research at the University of Cincinnati's field station in Harrison, OH has come to a close with the season, and we need to harvest our plants for seed collection.  

We are in need of assistance, as many hands make light work.  We will be holding a harvesting party Thursday, Friday* and Saturday of next week (Nov 10-12).  Please come and join us whenever you have time!  

We will be going out from 9am-4pm and will provide lunch and snacks for those helping out.  We will be able to take a van full of people out or if you would like to drive out your self and only stay some of that time that is fine.  What a great opportunity to get outside and see some pretty fall foliage, plus this is a great opportunity to gain research experience in an exciting topic!

Please email Sara ( or Lindsay ( if we can plan on you coming.

*Remember Friday Nov 11 is veterans day and we do not have school.

'Lost Boys of Sudan' Speaker to Highlight International Education Week at UC - Nov 15th!

From UC News:

'Lost Boys of Sudan' Speaker to Highlight International Education Week at UC

Keynote speaker Bol Aweng was among 35,000 so-called 'Lost Boys' when he fled his village in southern Sudan when it came under attack by government troops in 1987.

Date: 10/12/2011 12:00:00 AM
By: International Programs
Photos By: Provided

UC ingot   The University of Cincinnati highlights International Education Week with keynote speaker Bol Aweng, one of the 35,000 so-called Lost Boys who fled southern Sudan during the second Sudanese Civil War. Aweng will detail his life then and now when he speaks at UC from 7-8:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 15, in Room 400 A,B,C of Tangeman University Center (TUC). The event is free and open to the public.

Bol Aweng
Bol Aweng

As a six year old boy, Bol Aweng fled his village in 1987 when it was attacked, bombed and burned by government troops. While walking 1,500 miles to Ethiopia and then to Kenya, he survived attacks by government troops, starvation, illness and attacks by wild animals. 

Of the 35,000 Lost Boys that fled Southern Sudan, he was among the 16,000 who safely arrived in Kenya. Aweng spent fourteen years in refugee camps until he was approved for resettlement in the United States by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He arrived in Nashville, Tenn., in 2001, where he worked at low-wage jobs while earning an associate's degree in computer technology. He then moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Ohio State University. Aweng became a U.S. citizen in 2007 and graduated from OSU with a degree in fine arts.

Aweng returned to his Southern Sudanese village of Piol in December 2007. It was a bittersweet reunion with family he had not seen in 20 years. Seeing his mother, meeting new siblings and being with aging grandparents was exceptionally gratifying.  However he also learned details of family members who had not survived the destruction of his village. The living conditions in the village deeply concerned him. There were no buildings left after the bombing, only family tukals (huts) had been re-built. Families had very little food and there were no schools.  Very few in the village could read or write, and only one person in the village had a job.  The only health care was provided by a young man who had a second grade education in English.  He had a chair and a card table and a small box of malaria medications, aspirin and cough syrup provided by UNICEF. 

At his UC appearance, Aweng will describe how he is using his skills and experience to make a difference in his Sudanese community. He and others are determined to operate a health clinic to meet the basic healthcare needs in their village. Learn more about this project at

To learn more about the Lost Boys of Sudan, attend a showing of “God Grew Tired of Us” prior to the event. The film will be shown from 2-4 p.m., Monday, Nov. 14, in the MainStreet Cinema.See for a complete listing of events scheduled during International Education Week.

International Education Week at UC is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.