Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RAPPORT 2012-13 Up & Running!

Last night we had over two dozen people at the kick-off to RAPPORT 2012-13, our RAPPORTientation!  Folks from RAPPs XXIV-XXVII and ARJ 2012 were in attendance and we enjoyed conversation about a variety of current issues.

Check out the 2012-13 RAPPORT schedule!
A group reading and discussing "Siks Are Not Muslims" Sends a Sinister Message

A group reading and discussing Michelle Obama Undressed: Lost in Translation or Just Racist?

A group reading and discussing two Student Press Law Center pieces on UC's Free Speech Zone

More Quick Videos: Why Join RAPP?

RAPP XXVIII applications are due by this Friday, August 31st!  After last night's RAPPORTientation (RAPPORT Orientation), several RAPP alumn stuck around to share their thoughts on why folks should join RAPP.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about RAPP for 2012-13 and/or applying, head over to www.uc.edu/sald/rapp/9month.html!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Video: Why Join RAPP?

We ran into so many RAPPers at the 2012 Student Activities Fair that a person-on-the-street video made sense!  Check out these folks' thoughts on why people should join RAPP:

RAPP XXVIII applications are due this Friday, August 31st!  You can learn more about the program and download an application at www.uc.edu/sald/rapp/9month.html.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

RAPP at the 2012 Student Activities Fair

The photo above hides the fact that probably a thousand students passed by the RAPP info table at today's 2012 Student Activities Fair!  The always-popular annual event was organized by the Student Activities Board, a part of UC's Undergraduate Student Government Association.

Farooq (XXVII) and Jojo (XXIV) staff our table for the two-hour event, getting nearly 20 people signed up for the recruitment process and giving an additional 50 more people interest forms!

Be sure to catch us at more fun welcome events this week, including Thursday's Hispanic Student Welcome and Friday's Asian Student Welcome!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

RAPP at Arts and Sciences 2012 Welcome Day

On Friday we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny lunchtime with the new first-year students of McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Welcome Day event!  RAPP leaders Matthew (XXVI) and Jojo (XXIV) promoted RAPP and SALD - and enjoyed some snacks and dancing with the new Bearcats.

We got to end the time connecting with Dean Ron Jackson,  new Dean of McMicken and RAPP III alum!
Matthew & Jojo welcome folks to the RAPP/SALD booth!

A crowd shot early in the event!

Tutor Training on Diversity & Cultural Competence

UC Learning Assistance Center (LAC) partnered with UC Athletics for a joint training of their tutors.  Peer Tutoring is offered for free to all UC students through the LAC.

While many other Bearcats are buzzing about campus with Welcome Weekend activities, these student leaders are participating in a multi-day Tutor training.  One of the many topics they're training on was Diversity & Cultural Competence.  RAPP staff got to spend an hour in discussion with the group of five dozen Bearcats as we explored how diversity & cultural competence relates to their Tutor role, dove into issues of diversity at UC, and reflected on five key skills of inclusive leadership that can enhance their work and growth in their role.

RAPP offers free workshops and trainings to the UC and Cincinnati community.  Learn how you can schedule a free session with us through our Outreach page.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Talkin' Bout my Generation - Tomorrow!

WelcomeWeekend 2012
Come on a journey with us! This award-winning play will surely bring down the house.

Talkin' Bout My Generation

Saturday, August 25
4:00-6:00 P.M.
Tangeman University Center Cinema

Presented by the LGBTQ Center, Women's Center, Enough is Enough, Student Wellness Center, African American Cultural & Resource Center, and Ethnic Programs & Services

"Tabling Season" Hits Early in 2012!

The RAPP info table staffed by Kevin, Jojo, and Mel!
With UC's Semester Conversion finally here, "tabling season" is hitting several weeks early.  That's what we casually call the time where we're out with a RAPP informational table at events all over campus.

RAPP Intern Brice Mickey again coordinated volunteers for tables this year.  Yesterday afternoon was our first big one of fall semester:  The International Student Welcome Coffee Hour, an annual event hosted by UC International.

Many thanks to Kevin W (XXVI), Jojo (XXIV), and Mel (XXVI) for promoting RAPP at the event!

Supplemental Instruction Leader Training on Diversity & Cultural Competence

UC's Academic Excellence & Support Services offers Supplemental Instruction (SI) through its Learning Assistance Center.

Here's what that is, according to the SI website:

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions for students in "historically difficult courses" — courses in subjects with a high rate of D or F grades and withdrawals. SI is provided for all students who want to improve their understanding of the course material and improve their grades. 

These review sessions are facilitated by SI Leaders, who are students who demonstrated success in the topic and are trained to facilitate students' learning in these review sessions.

The week before classes start, these SI Leaders participant in a multi-day training.  One of the topics was Diversity & Cultural Competence.  RAPP staff got to spend an hour in discussion with the group as we explored how diversity & cultural competence relates to their SI Leader role, defined diversity at UC and how we are each a part of it, and played with five key skills of inclusive leadership that can enhance their work and growth in their role.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012-13 RAPP Leaders Pre-Service Training

The behind-the-scenes leaders of RAPP XXVIII and RAPPORT 2012-13 started our pre-service training last night!  Each year, the team of folks who guide the implementation of the RAPP & RAPPORT curricula undergo several evenings of training to develop as a team and prepare for the year ahead.

More detailed biographies will come later, but in the meantime meet the 2012-13 team:

Brice Mickey (back row, center) - RAPP XXVIII Facilitator, RAPP XXVI Peer Leader, Social Justice League 2010-2012, RAPP XXV alum
Farooq Alkhateeb (back row, left) - RAPP XXVIII Peer Leader, RAPP XXVII alum
Jamiesone Williams (front row, center) - RAPPORT 2012-13 Facilitator, RAPP XXVII alum
Kristin Myers-Young (back row, right) - RAPP XXVIII Peer Leader, RAPP XXV alum
Rebecca Lehman (front row, left) - Program Coordinator, RAPP XXII alum
Tianshu Lu (front row, right) - RAPP XXVIII Peer Leader, RAPP XXVI alum

Accelerating Racial Justice 2012!

We did it!  RAPP successfully premiered a new intensive: Accelerating Racial Justice!

Sixteen UC students participated in the inaugural run, diving wholeheartedly into the challenges of racial justice and inclusive leadership.  Nine students and staff led the experience as ARJ staff.

Check us out below!

Our official group photo for the RAPP Office.  We're excited to be displayed as the first in what will hopefully soon grow into a wall of ARJ photos!
Participants spent sessions in a variety of groupings:  solo work, pair work, trios, small groups, half groups, racial groupings, and the large group.  Each day, people also spent time with their Small Group - 6-7 people with whom they built intentional relationship as well as worked with to give feedback on the day.  Each group was facilitated by a Peer Leader.
Jalisa's Small Group: Peggy Shannon-Baker, Kara Mate, Maesa Idries, Taylor Turnbull, Brian Barney, and Jalisa Holifield

Laura's Small Group: Sally Amkoa, Greg Gamble, Naila Merchant, Ryan Fox, Vicky Nguyen, Laura Perez, and Ben Kitchen

Matt's Small Group: Kate Khazanova, Jazmyn Battie, Kenzie Austin, Kenny Day, Matt Miller, and Amanda Pancioli

ARJ 2012 Staff: Rebecca Lehman, Laura Perez, Jalisa Holifield, Melissa Meyer, Ani Naik, Jojo Azevedo, Matthew Woodruff, Matt Miller, and Shyamal Ruparel

Many thanks to the outstanding, creative, and hard-working committee of folks who helped make ARJ a possibility!

Monday, August 6, 2012

RAPP Blog on Hiatus for Accelerating Racial Justice

The RAPP Office has been abuzz with the excitement of preparing for a new intensive!

Over the past half-year, an amazing team of leaders from throughout campus and the RAPP community have worked together to build this new five-day retreat where students will focus on racial justice and inclusive leadership.  

This has been a fast-paced process and we're nearly to the point of the pilot run with 18 UC students.  Due to the intensity of preparing for the first run, the RAPP blog will continue to have few, if any, posts until the pilot is complete.  Any posts that do come up will be focused on ARJ!

Keep us all in your thoughts as we prepare for this thrilling week!