Monday, August 26, 2013

#RAPPTaughtMe and Other Ways to Promote RAPP XXIX

We're in the last few weeks of getting together RAPP XXIX!  From analyzing information provided by RAPPers over the past five years, we know that word-of-mouth is consistently the most important thing to getting people to join a RAPP intensive.

Here are easy ways to be a part of that!

Use this hashtag on Facebook or Twitter!  Share something that you learned through your RAPP experience and share this link to the program applications:

Participate in On-Campus Promotions
Join us at any of the following events - it helps to wear a RAPP shirt, but isn't necessary:
  • Chalking McMicken Commons, Tuesday, August 27th, 12:30PM-2:30PM, chalk provided – we chalk messages about RAPP all over McMicken Commons’ sidewalks 
  • Hispanic Student Welcome, Thursday, August 29th, 5PM-7PM, Mick & Mack’s CafĂ©, wear a RAPP shirt & talk about RAPP – all of campus is invited to this welcome event 
  • Asian Student Welcome, Friday, August 30th, 5PM-7PM, TUC Great Hall, informational table – all of campus is invited to this welcome event 
  • LGBTQ Meet ‘n’ Greet, Thursday, September 5th, 5PM-7PM, LGBTQ Center (565 Steger), wear a RAPP shirt & talk about RAPP – all of campus is invited to this welcome event 
  • Akwaaba Black Student Welcome, Sunday, September 8th, 4PM-7PM, TUC Great Hall, informational table – all of campus is invited to this welcome event
Share a Video
RAPP has several videos series available online - pick a favorite and share it with the application link
Wear a RAPP Shirt
Our shirts are known to generate questions and conversations!  From "why are there two Ps?" to "what's that mean?" to "I love that quote!" people often start conversations over the shirt.  Simply engaging in that discussion is a great way to spread the word about RAPP!

Class Announcements
Ask your instructor if you can talk about RAPP in a class.  Rebecca will give you handouts and pens to give out - and will come with you if you want!

Join the #RAPPTaughtMe trend on Facebook and Twitter!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Time is Meeting Time!

Around the RAPP Office, summer is a time for many projects.  Training, long-range planning, analyzing the previous year's programs' impact, Accelerating Racial Justice updates & preps, grappling with big questions, and more is tackled by all the great people who make RAPP happen - student staff, volunteers, and the Steering Committee.

Here are some of the big projects we've been working on lately:
  • Working through how to effectively implement "year one" of Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation training through SALD.  With the support of the Diversity Council, RAPP Program Coordinator Rebecca Lehman was able to become a Level I certified trainer in this.  How do we make sure they made an excellent investment?
  • "Refreshing" the curriculum, session plans, and materials of Accelerating Racial Justice.  Refreshing is what I call the process of reviewing and applying all of the feedback we gathered throughout the pilot week and during two-week, two-month, and eight-month follow-up surveys.
  • Exploring whether and how we could further integrate faculty and staff into the RAPP's current programming.  There is an imperative to connect more with these groups, but RAPP lacks the resources to establish any new programming.
Much gratitude to the following people for all their work with these major projects!
Becca Hammond (Resident Education & Development)
Brice Mickey (XXV)
Corinne Patterson (Women in Leadership & Learning)
Ericka Duckworth Harrison (University Judicial Affairs)
Gregory Gamble (ARJ 2012)
Jamieson Williams (XXVII)
Kim Fulbright (Ombuds)
Lauren Clark (UC Learning Assistance Center)
Megan Kreaps (XXVII)
Nicole Mayo (Director, SALD)
Shyamal Ruparel (XXVI)
Susie Mahoney (SALD)
Terri Hurdle (SALD

Notes from the latest Kingian Nonviolence training planning meeting.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reflect Along with ARJ! Prompt 5: Taking Care of Ourselves

In the weeks leading up to the five-day Accelerating Racial Justice experience, participants are encourage to reflect on a series of prompts.  Each Thursday and Monday leading up to the experience, a new prompt is shared with the group.

Join them in these reflections!  Here's the fifth prompt they received (prompts onetwo, three, & four):

The Accelerating Racial Justice process involves a lot of dynamics.  Here are just a few of them:
  • Dialogue based learning (a la Each One Teach One) with a new-to-you group
  • Staying overnight multiple nights with a new-to-you group and in an unfamiliar bed
  • Being in structured sessions many hours a day and having a roommate overnight
  • Sharing personal experiences, individual opinions and questions, and individual values as a part of the learning process
  • Talking through difference – differing experiences, differing values
  • Talking about how oppression hurts people – both how it hurts us individually and how we are a part of this system of hurting other people

Knowing a bit about where we’re headed as a group, what do you personally need to make sure that this is a space that not only challenges you but also supports you?  What do you need to feel heard?  Respected?  Appreciated?  Confident in your ability to survive uncomfortable situations?

Knowing a little about the structure, what do you personally need to make sure that you get rest?  Time alone?  Take care of your health?

How will you express these needs?

Sometimes we find balance through connection and mutual support. :)