Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lessons Learned: Emergencies Happen

Emergencies happen. We can survive them. We survive them best TOGETHER.

Many times in life, we are presented with challenges that are opportunities for growth. These obstacles can be anything from missing the bus to losing a loved one. In any instance, we are faced with an option to adopt a new mindset or utilize new tools to deal with these trying situations.

When in the "eye of the storm", it may seem natural to panic and lose sight of what the emergency truly is. One might even try to avoid the true issue entirely; however, addressing the needs of the challenge are the key to gaining tools necessary to deal with it..

One of the most important tools can be a support group. A support group can be anything from a friend or family member to a fellow RAPPer. This support can help you to view your options from a perspective outside of your own or just provide an open ear when you need one.

 Together, we can make it!

Lessons Learned is a RAPP Blog initiative intended for folks who hold formal leadership positions in RAPP programs to share what they're learning through their process

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