Saturday, March 28, 2015

Liberty in North Korea Presentation - Monday, 3/30, 3:00PM

RAPP welcomes Liberty in North Korea back to UC this Monday, 3/30/2015, at 3:00PM in the 6th Floor Open Space of Steger Student Life Center! Find this event on Campus LINK and Facebook.

From LiNK:

The international narrative on North Korea has created an environment of fear and isolation. This disempowers ordinary North Koreans, who have nothing to do with the political circus.

We are launching an exciting NEW initiative this spring to give millions of people the opportunity to send a personal message of support TO: the North Korean people.

Our goal is to show North Koreans that the world is united in support for them. We need YOU to change the narrative on North Korea by adding your community's voice of support to our collective message.

This event includes:

Multimedia Presentation
LiNK events are engaging and educational presentations. We use a combination of speaking, videos, audience interaction and photos to connect audiences to the people behind the stories and provide a comprehensive look at North Korea. This event is unique and offers a look at North Korea most people have never had.

Questions & Answers
We give you the opportunity to ask any questions and get answers from our highly trained representatives. The purpose of these presentations is to not only educate but also connect with you and your community.

Get Involved Table
LiNK Nomads will invite anyone who's interested to visit with us to learn more about how to get involved. This is a great time for those interested to have deeper discussions about the issue, buy merchandise to support the work LiNK does, and find out more about how you can stand alongside the North Korea people.

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