Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pop Praxis: Social Justice & the Media Conference

We would like to inform you about an exciting upcoming conference, Pop Praxis: Social Justice & the Media, to be held on April 8th, 2011 at the UC. The confirmed keynote speaker is Andi Zeisler, co-founder and editorial/creative director of the magazine Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture. At this time we are opening our conference call for submissions for papers, films, and practice-oriented workshops.

How can you or your student organization get involved? In three important ways:
  • Feel free to submit individual proposals to present at the conference! Presenting at a conference is not only fun, it also looks great on a resume or CV. If you don't think that you are up for presenting, keep an eye out for attendance registration info. Your friends will need a supportive audience! 
  • Present a panel as an organization. Does your student org do work that is relevant to issues of social justice? Think about having a few members of your group set up a presentation or workshop to submit. The more the merrier, right? 
  • Become a co-sponsor. Conferences cost money! To have a great speaker like Andi Zeisler (not to mention paying for printed materials, publicity, bagels and coffee), we need to raise funds. If this conference sounds like something that your members can get behind, please consider becoming a co-sponsor for the event. It's great for your group as well as the sense of community here at UC.
We invite submissions from undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty from all disciplines and departments. We also encourage community members to send in submissions. 

Submissions are to be emailed to and are due no later than February 28th, 2011.

We would love to see a collaboration between UC's student organizations. Also, please pass on the CFS to your friends and group members. We look forward to reading your incoming submissions. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

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