Thursday, July 26, 2012

"The Principles of Hip Hop" - Jul 28th @ Columbus State Community College!

Hip Hop Institute Showcase
“The Principles of Hip Hop”
Saturday, July 28th, 5-730pm
Columbus State Community College
315 Cleveland Avenue, 4th Floor, 43215

Confirmed Performers
·                 Jon Sands, Writer & Spoken Word Artist
·                 Krate Digga, DJ from Mighty SoundChamps
·                 Marshall Shorts, Visual Artist & BRUSH Experience creator

“The Next Big Thing” Presentations
·         Presenter:  Searius Add
Title:  Hip Hop - Consciousness and Current Events
This presentation will draw a correlation between major events in America over the last 3 decades and rap lyrics during that same time span.

·         Presenter: Racquel L. Armstrong
Title: Hip-hop as a Teaching Tool
As an English teacher in the public school system, it is imperative that I develop innovative ways to teach timeless concepts and skills.  With the increased teacher accountability tied to state and national norms and achievement tests, the K-12 education sector is scrambling for strategies to use in order to reach our inner city youth.  It is my philosophy, however, that we use everyday mediums in order to teach complex concepts.  It is through the analysis of several elements of hip-hop including MC-ing and Graffiti writing that we can teach our underserved students how to access, understand, and formulate knowledge of our world.

·         Presenter:  Bess Bolton
Title:  Green Technology is the Newest Hustle
This presentation will show how youth started Hip Hop as a hustle; unknown, different, radical, etc. and how it evolved and is still a hustle today and profitable. Green technology is similar with green cars, wind turbines, etc. and will need the youth to recognize that there knowledge about this newest hustle could be quite profitable for the hip hop community.

·         Presenter:  Javier Sanchez
Title:  Guard My Heart
Spoken Word piece with an accompanying slide show.

·         Presenter:  Mexie Wilson
Title: The 5th Element – Doin the Knowledge
Most people are aware of the 4 elements in Hip Hop, but many don't know about the 5th Element - Doin The Knowledge. I will explain the meaning of the 5th element and how I personally practice and participate in the element through Hip Hop Activism.

Contact:  Kimberly Brazwell | 614.287.2426 |

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