Thursday, August 23, 2012

Accelerating Racial Justice 2012!

We did it!  RAPP successfully premiered a new intensive: Accelerating Racial Justice!

Sixteen UC students participated in the inaugural run, diving wholeheartedly into the challenges of racial justice and inclusive leadership.  Nine students and staff led the experience as ARJ staff.

Check us out below!

Our official group photo for the RAPP Office.  We're excited to be displayed as the first in what will hopefully soon grow into a wall of ARJ photos!
Participants spent sessions in a variety of groupings:  solo work, pair work, trios, small groups, half groups, racial groupings, and the large group.  Each day, people also spent time with their Small Group - 6-7 people with whom they built intentional relationship as well as worked with to give feedback on the day.  Each group was facilitated by a Peer Leader.
Jalisa's Small Group: Peggy Shannon-Baker, Kara Mate, Maesa Idries, Taylor Turnbull, Brian Barney, and Jalisa Holifield

Laura's Small Group: Sally Amkoa, Greg Gamble, Naila Merchant, Ryan Fox, Vicky Nguyen, Laura Perez, and Ben Kitchen

Matt's Small Group: Kate Khazanova, Jazmyn Battie, Kenzie Austin, Kenny Day, Matt Miller, and Amanda Pancioli

ARJ 2012 Staff: Rebecca Lehman, Laura Perez, Jalisa Holifield, Melissa Meyer, Ani Naik, Jojo Azevedo, Matthew Woodruff, Matt Miller, and Shyamal Ruparel

Many thanks to the outstanding, creative, and hard-working committee of folks who helped make ARJ a possibility!

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