Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012-13 RAPP Leaders Pre-Service Training

The behind-the-scenes leaders of RAPP XXVIII and RAPPORT 2012-13 started our pre-service training last night!  Each year, the team of folks who guide the implementation of the RAPP & RAPPORT curricula undergo several evenings of training to develop as a team and prepare for the year ahead.

More detailed biographies will come later, but in the meantime meet the 2012-13 team:

Brice Mickey (back row, center) - RAPP XXVIII Facilitator, RAPP XXVI Peer Leader, Social Justice League 2010-2012, RAPP XXV alum
Farooq Alkhateeb (back row, left) - RAPP XXVIII Peer Leader, RAPP XXVII alum
Jamiesone Williams (front row, center) - RAPPORT 2012-13 Facilitator, RAPP XXVII alum
Kristin Myers-Young (back row, right) - RAPP XXVIII Peer Leader, RAPP XXV alum
Rebecca Lehman (front row, left) - Program Coordinator, RAPP XXII alum
Tianshu Lu (front row, right) - RAPP XXVIII Peer Leader, RAPP XXVI alum

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