Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reflect Along with ARJ 2013! Prompt 1: Bringing It All Back

In the weeks leading up to the weeklong Accelerating Racial Justice experience, participants are encourage to reflect on a series of prompts.  Each Thursday and Monday leading up to the experience, a new prompt is shared with the group.

Join them in these reflections!  Here's the first prompt they received:

Thursday, July 18: Bringing It All Back

I am a member of at least one community, likely a member of many communities.  I’m about to go on a five-day “learning vacation” all about racial justice and inclusive leadership.

In what ways am I involved in my community?  What am I hoping to bring back from this experience?
ARJ 2012 participants (pictured above) brought their learnings back to a wide variety of campus groups and community organizations.

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