Monday, July 29, 2013

Reflect Along with ARJ 2013! Prompt 4: When Things Get Challenging, Part Two

In the weeks leading up to the five-day Accelerating Racial Justice experience, participants are encourage to reflect on a series of prompts.  Each Thursday and Monday leading up to the experience, a new prompt is shared with the group.

Join them in these reflections!  Here's the fourth prompt they received (prompts onetwo, & three):

Again, we will be working to have conversations about race, difference, and other potentially “loaded” topics.  When these conversations are personal, meaningful, and authentic they can result in folks experiencing a wide variety of feelings, including feeling upset, triggered, offended, confused, anxious, and uncertain.
Our last prompt asked you to reflect on when we ourselves have these feelings ourselves.  Let’s reflect on when we make others feel that way, accidentally or otherwise.
How will I handle when I realize I’ve contributed to someone else feeling this way?  How will I stay engaged in the conversation when I know I have upset, offended, or angered someone else?  
How might these experiences and working through them with the group contribute to communal learning?
Countless RAPP dialogues, discussions, debates, and more have happened in this room!  Here's ARJ 2012 in Hodie's basement, home to RAPP retreats since 1986!

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