Monday, December 23, 2013

Lessons Learned: The RAPP Agreement

In RAPP, we use "The RAPP Agreement" to help our group members communicate their needs to one another. 

The process of building The RAPP Agreement begins with a list of suggestions from current members on ways they can feel heard and respected within the group as well as ways they can stay present and respectful. After vetting these suggestions the group ends up with a nice set of community guidelines (not rules) that will help them communicate throughout our 9-month process. 

I feel this process and its end product are invaluable to the RAPP group and I highly recommend implementation outside of RAPP. This agreement helps the group promote healthy conversation with the group, while avoiding conflict where no learning takes place. Thinking about needs is a good communication skill for leaders.

Lessons Learned is a RAPP Blog initiative intended for folks who hold formal leadership positions in RAPP programs to share what they're learning through their process

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