Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lessons Learned: Self Care = Important

While in Japan last May on study tour, my host family asked me what I did for a living. I proudly told them I was working 66 hours between a few jobs. It was then that something strange happened. Instead of being given the "Wow, that's awesome" face I've become used to, I was given the "Aww, you poor thing" face. This was emphasized when I considered that Japanese work culture is one of the most diligent (and in my opinion overworked) in the world. I was subsequently hit with a barrage of self-care questions. When do you eat? How long are you sleeping at night? How do you make time for your friends and family? 

I think it really sunk in for me at that time. Self-care is important!
As a self-ascribed person who works too much, I feel that the concept of self-care is something I often overlook. Recently, I was forced to miss a few days of work, including a RAPP meeting, due to illness and I still haven't stopped giving myself a hard time over it. I clearly remember throwing-up in a bucket and thinking "Well, it's not that bad. Maybe I can go in...." This type of thinking is WRONG. 

Other than the glaring possibility of infecting my entire office with a super-bug, I need to think of myself as important too. Pushing oneself too hard can be bad for both your mental and physical health. We all need a break sometime!  

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