Friday, November 13, 2009

Do You Have STAR Power?

Most RAPPers since the late teens have all had the fun-amazing-frustrating-enlightening-fun experience of playing STAR Power. I keep this game a staple of Fall Retreat because it gives lots of opportunity for interaction and getting-to-know-ya as well as gives us a great place to start in our discussions around privilege, oppression, social construction of identities, and power structures.

Of late, I've gotten an increase in interest in the game. RAPPORT will be leading several workshops where the group plays STAR Power in the next month.

Our first is open for visitors and helpers! Missed the opportunity to play at your retreat? Want to participate "behind the scenes" this time around? Join us this coming Monday, November 23rd, at 9:30PM. Lisa (RAPP XXIV) is offering a night of STAR Power (and yummy food) to the Gen-1 House in Stratford Heights and other guests (this is you).

RAPP XXV playing STAR Power.
RAPP XVIII playing STAR Power.

RAPP XXIII playing STAR Power.


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