Thursday, November 19, 2009

Words from President Williams

UC's new president Dr. Williams spoke to an all-faculty meeting yesterday. He covered many points about UC's excellence and his discoveries so far during his tenure. An overview from UC News can be found here and the full text of his statements can be found here.

I kept my ears perked for thoughts on diversity and social justice. Here was the highlight from his speech on that:

"While I have outlined a number of questions, there are several themes or issues that I suggest should factor into our thinking going forward...

Enhancing our diversity efforts. Excellence and diversity go hand in hand. We can be proud that UC remains one of the nation’s most diverse campuses, according to U.S. News and World Report; yet there are challenges that remain, and we must find creative ways to maintain and grow our diversity.

Expanding our international opportunities. A part of our diversity is our multicultural student body and our commitment to making sure that our students understand the world. We must find new ways to open the world’s doors to our students by building international experiences into more courses and giving many more of our students the chance to travel overseas.

Continuing to break down the silos that separate us from ourselves. If we want achieve the recognition we desire, we must truly unite to become greater than the sum of our parts."

My impression of the last part was that it was meant largely the gaps between colleges, departments, and offices - but I think it fits well in terms of the individual level, too.

(photo copied from UC News post linked at top)


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