Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heading Home

We're in final prep for Fall Retreat! Our first bus to Grailville leaves tomorrow by 5:00PM.

One of the great excitements for me in my photo explorations last year was seeing RAPP's history at Grailville. I think that it makes sense for us as a retreat center given our shared commitment to social justice. It keeps making sense to go back, also, as a tradition.

The first RAPP retreat - RAPP I.

RAPP IV in (I think) the barn building.

RAPP V in the basement of Hodie.

RAPP XIV getting settled into Hodie.

RAPP XVI doing an activity in the basement of Hodie.

There have definitely been many a RAPP retreat at other locations - Camp Joy, the Newman Center, the AACRC - but to me Grailville will always feel like RAPP's home away from home.


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