Saturday, June 11, 2011

Diversity Training with Leadership Scholars

On Thursday, RAPP was able to continue a relationship forged last year with former RAPP XXV Facilitator Tara Bonistall.   For a second time, we were fortunate to lead a workshop in which we had conversations about diversity and inclusion with the teachers and leaders of the Leadership Scholars Summer Program.

Leadership Scholars is a local not-for-profit organization that provides selected inner-city youth with the skills and experiences to become leaders.

With the teachers and leaders of the summer program, we spent two and a half hours in dialogue around the groups' own diversity, what are some of the assumptions we bring into our daily interactions based on our own experiences, and how can we use that knowledge to create strategies for inclusion.

The afternoon included 25 participants - including many current and former Bearcats.  These participants did a phenomenal job exploring their social identities, talking through assumptions and experiences, and created a great set of strategies they're going to use to make a safe and inclusive environment for all the young leaders who will participate in the Summer Program!

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