Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Introducing the 2010-11 Social Justice League!

A group photo of the 2010-11 Social Justice League
Last night's RAPPORT meeting was an exciting one:  We celebrated the first group to graduate from the new RAPP Social Justice League! Or, to say it more professionally, our first group of participants in the RAPP Social Justice Peer Educator certification program were certified.

Please join us in congratulating our new group of distinguished RAPP social justice peer educators!

Amber Easterling, RAPP XXV
Bobby Filbin, RAPP XXV
Brice Mickey, RAPP XXV
DeVorah YisraEL, RAPP XXIV
Jojo Azevedo, RAPP XXIV
Kimmins Southard, RAPP XXIII
Kinsey Brown, RAPP XXIII
Krystal Smith, RAPP XXIV
Maggie Yoder, RAPP XXV
Marjorie Bledsoe, RAPP XXV
Meagan Lauer, RAPP XXV
Rachel Berman, RAPP XXV
Tyler Thompson, RAPP XXV
Wil Pierce, RAPP XXV

These 14 individuals had a great impact on RAPP as well as this campus through the variety of ways in which they worked to complete the certificate.  The process involves participating in a variety of training experiences and leading social justice education activities in a variety of contexts.  Social Justice League members impacted our campus through their work in RAPP as well as through presentations in learning communities, classes, and conferences.

DeVorah receives her certificate for her work in the Peer Leader track of SJL!

Maggie, who earned her certificate in the RAPPORT-Only track, shows off the 2010-11 SJL polo!

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