Monday, June 13, 2011

Quiet Times in the RAPP Office

Things will be a little quieter than usual in the RAPP office this week.  Spring quarter is over and there's a short break before summer sessions and orientation begin.

Kinsey is wrapping up hir Public Ally year with some final projects.  Included in this is working with some of our recent Peer Leaders to create a window display for the RAPP Office - be sure to stop by after June 16th to check it out!

I (Rebecca) am in Springfield, Massachusetts, participating in the June 2011 class of the Social Justice Training Institute.  As described by the program, this institute provides "an intensive developmental opportunity for social justice educators to examine the complex dynamics of race and racism and focus on how to develop their personal competencies as trainers and practitioners."

This developmental opportunity is another part of the on-going process to develop a stronger, more impactful RAPP.  To the degree to which I am able, I'll blog from the Institute to share some of the ways I hope to use this experience to enhance my own delivery in RAPP as well as bring best practices to our work.

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