Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking for a Few Good Peer Leaders - Apply to be a RAPP Peer Leader!

It's "that time!" RAPP is looking for four to five awesome RAPP graduatess to be Peer Leaders for RAPP XXVII.

To be considered for the position, you must meet three criteria:
  • Have previously fully completed a RAPP year
  • Will be an enrolled UC student throughout 2011-12
  •  Are capable of committing to a full academic year as a Peer Leader

Peer Leaders commit to attending training in late-September to early-October and participate in most of the meetings and retreats for the RAPP group with which they work (at least ¾ of meetings and 2/3 of retreats). Peer leaders also meet at least one time per quarter as a group to reflect on the RAPP process together and explore to how continue to challenge themselves and their group.

Peer Leaders each identify their own goals for what they'd like to get out of the process and what they'd like to do in the year. No two Peer Leader paths are the same - some work on developing facilitation skills, others focus on helping RAPPers build relationships, others focus on supporting groups through the challenges of RAPP, others focus on their own development in communication and leader, and more. We like variety in the Peer Leaders and their work.

If you'd like to learn more about the Peer Leader role and/or would like to apply, contact Rebecca Lehman by noon on Monday, August 22nd to receive the application questions (which will be due by August 29th). 

The selected Peer Leaders will be announced by mid-September.
I feel like every year I say this, but goodness is it going to be hard to beat this year's leadership team!
(back row l-r: Marjorie (XXV), Kinsey (XXIII), Jojo (XXIV), Brice (XXV)
front row l-r: Rachel (XXV), Amber (XXV), Kimmins (XXIII), Rebecca (XXII))

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