Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RAPP Public Ally 2011-12: Marjorie Bledsoe

We received great news in the RAPP Office today:  Our match for our 2011-12 Public Allies apprenticeship!

Please join me in welcoming Marjorie Bledsoe to her new role, which will start on September 1st!

Marjorie has been a UC student and dedicated RAPPer since fall 2009.  She has studied fine arts and a variety of other arts and marketing at both UC and Hocking College.  Along with being a student, Marjorie has worked in arts and education at Funk­­e Fired Arts, Starbrick Gallery Cooperative, and Appalachia - Science in the Public Interest.

Marjorie is a graduate of RAPP XXV, in which she was selected by her peers and leaders as recipient of the Terence L Jones Diversity Award.  She was a Peer Leader with RAPP XXVI, earned her RAPP Social Justice Peer Educator Certificate this past spring, and co-facilitated an two-day inclusive leadership retreat with me for student leaders of Thomas More College and the College of Mt. St. Joseph this past winter. 
I’m very excited to have someone with such great skills, commitment, and passion to make the year ahead RAPP’s best yet!

Marjorie at the University Recognition Ceremony where she was recognized with the Terence L Jones Diversity Award

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