Friday, July 19, 2013

Bearcats at Student Social Justice Training Institute

RAPP was able to sponsor three UC students to participate in the 2013 Student Social Justice Training Institute (Student SJTI):  RAPP XXIX Facilitator Brice Mickey, ARJ 2013 Facilitator Jamieson Williams, and ARJ 2014 Facilitator Meg Groat.

The Student SJTI is a national program for college/university students who've done a fairly significant amount of work on social justice issues.  From Wednesday, July 17th through Saturday, July 20th, our three Bearcats will join dozens from around the country in developing their skills around dialogue and connectedness.

It's "an intensive developmental opportunity for students to examine the complex dynamics of oppression and to develop strategies to foster positive change on their campuses and in their communities."

Check back to the blog over the next few weeks as Brice, Jamieson, and Meg share about their experience!

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