Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Campus Spotlight: Shades of You Prom Dress Bazaar

From Shades of You:

The women of Shades of You welcome you to volunteer for our annual community service event of the year. Our Prom Dress Bazaar is an opportunity for young ladies to receive a prom dress that they otherwise may not have been able to afford. This event will take place on April 11, 2010; in addition to your donation, you will also have a chance to meet these wonderful young ladies. We need volunteers to help collect dresses, and set-up on the day of the event. You will be compensated with community service hours for your help. Your help is not only greatly appreciated but also imperative to the success of this bizarre.

We need your assistance in getting the word out about this fantastic event. We are asking you, our general body, to volunteer to get in contact with other women’s organizations across campus so that their members are made aware of the opportunity to donate dresses. We also need a street team that is able and willing to help post flyers around campus next week.

For those of you interested in getting involved in one of the ways mentioned above, or in any other way please contact myself, Brittnay Cummins, or Fevean Kelfom. Thank you so much for all of your help, we are really excited about the Prom Dress Bizarre and hope to make a difference in a lot of girls’ lives this year. Make sure your apart of something this great!!

Shades Love,
Brittnay & Fevean

For more information please contact:
Brittnay Cummins-
Fevean Keflon-

(pic-taken by Rebecca from Google image search)


  1. I think these are...plain. They are mostly all the same design, but different colors. These designs do not speak any emotion, creativity or passion. It lacks that oompffh.
    I think you should start over because these dresses are a joke.

  2. i think you should have them in seperate pictures so we could see them better

  3. i love it so much because the girl want it for peom and any party they want.