Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RAPPers at City-Wide MLK Events

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of recognition and rejuvenation of the year: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

RAPPers current and previous were at many MLK events this year. Here are a few shots from the city-wide march & rally organized by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition.

The count I heard from Channel 5 (who covered the city-wide events from start to finish) was that 2,000 people participated in the march and rally.

Marchers watching King's "I Have a Dream" speech on the Fountain Square screen.

Taylor (XXV) and friends wait in the cold for the march to start.

Mimi & Divine (both XXV) at the start of the march to Fountain Square.

Me (XXII), Lisa (XXIV), Brittany (XXIII), and Brenna (XXII) about to march to Music Hall.
Many thanks to all the folks who came out but that I didn't catch on film (note to self: recharge camera immediately following RAPPORT retreats). :)

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