Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recognizing One Aspect of Commitment

RAPP XXIV started something that I think I should continue: Recognizing folks for strong attendance. I know that we're busy students with many commitments to uphold. Therefore, I think it's impressive that many folks are able to attend all of the meetings and retreats in RAPP.
For fall quarter, these RAPP XXV members made it to every meeting and the retreat:
Rachel Berman
Mahsino Blahmoh
Melissa Chavez
Anthony DelaRosa
Trisha Durham
Amber Easterling
Simone Epperson
Craig Erickson
Courtney Fancher
Lauren Fink
Lane Hart
Sarah Hejma
Ricardo Huezo
Zina Iyango
Grace Jeter
Brittany Jones
Chelsea Korte
Meagan Lauer
Brice Mickey
Kristin Myers-Young
Calena Neal
Wil Pierce
Alyssa Roberts
Ivy Shan
Simón Sotelo
Danielle Thomas
Tiffany Thompson
Andrea Tinsley
Dion Webb
Tori Willis
Daniel Wilson
Quincy Wright
Maggie Yoder
Anum Zaheer
Many thanks to you all for your commitment!

(pic - Queenie of RAPP XXIV being recognized for attendance at ALL meetings and retreats)

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