Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cincinnati Advocates Quick Response Team

Are you a supporter of comprehensive sex education?
Interested in activism?
Looking for a great way to get involved?
Cincinnati Advocates Quick Response Team might be just the thing for you!
What is the Quick Response Team?
The Quick Response Team is a group of young people in the Cincinnati area who are ready to work to promote sexual health in Ohio by using social media tools.
What does the team do?
Each team member would work from their own location and in their own networks to promote many aspects of sexual health including comprehensive sex education legislation, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, as well as other related issues, The team members would work predominantly through the internet and would work closely with the Team Leader, Kimmins Southard, a member of the Ohio Advocates Youth Council (OAYC). OAYC is a group of young people from all across Ohio who are working in their communities to support and promote sexual health and involve youth in their communities. (
Requirements of the Quick Response Team
-Sign up for a blogging account on
-Write at least one blog per month
-Post and write timely and urgent responses to news and issues in the Cincinnati area both when notified of issues by Team Leader and by actively seeking out applicable news stories.
-Contact your legislators
-Fill out action alerts (emails that allow you to contact your legislator about important issues) and call your legislators when notified by Team Leader.
-Forward action alerts and other updates out through your networks (listserves, other student organizations, councils, classes, departments etc)
-Spread the word
-Discuss the importance of comprehensive sex education legislation in formal and informal venues as well as events organized by the Team Leader and the Quick Response Team.
-Each Team Member would be responsible for finding 5-10 people to fill out comprehensive sex education support cards
-Share events, meetings, and information about any other activist, student group, or other projects you are involved in.
-Talk about the Quick Response Team and the importance of comprehensive sex education in the work and through the groups you are already involved in.
-Stay in contact with the Quick Response Team and the Team Leader through regular email and phone calls.
-Promptly respond to email and communicate with the Team Leader any concerns you may have.
-When requested by the Team Leader, turn in monthly reports listing all your blog posts and other activities you had participated in that month.
The Quick Response Team would also have the opportunity to get involved with statewide legislation regarding sex education through things like lobbying and testifying in favor of comprehensive sex education legislation.
Cincinnati Advocates Quick Response Team Application
Application due November 29, 2010 to Kimmins Southard at

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