Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking for RAPPers!

In preparation for the RAPP 25 Year Reunion, we're out looking for RAPPers!

One of the challenges we've faced in RAPP in recent years is a lack of records.  Rather than giving up, though, we've worked to connect with the RAPPers we'd "lost."  As of now, we have gathered the names of almost 300 people who completed RAPP in the two and a half decades of the program - and nearly half of these were found in the UC alumni database.

You can find the names of the RAPPers we've connected with their years on the RAPP History site.

We need your help to find the rest of RAPP!  We also need your help getting you to the RAPP 25 Year Reunion!

Your help in the following ways is greatly appreciated:

1.  Were you in RAPP?  Please send your mailing address to Rebecca Lehman, RAPP Program Coordinator, at or 513.556.6119.  Your contact information will only be used for information about the RAPP Reunion.

2.  Do you know other RAPPers?  Please help us fill in gaps around names by checking the years you know on the RAPP History site and emailing/calling Rebecca with the names of folks you know.

3. Are you a fan of RAPP on Facebook?  That page and this blog are the easiest ways to stay up to date on RAPP and what's happening around multiculturalism and social justice at UC.  Fan us!  And recommend other RAPPers you know do the same?

The reunion is five months away!  Please help us connect with as many folks who could be there as possible!

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