Friday, November 19, 2010

Snapshots of Fall RAPP XXVI Retreats

November 5th-7th marked the annual "rite of passage" that is the fall RAPP retreat!  Our Tuesday RAPP XXVI group spent November 5th through 6th at Grailville and our Wednesday group the 6th through 7th.

The first retreat of the year is full of fun, friendship-building, and exploration.  On topic were how we define race and the concept of unearned privilege - as well as the fun+frustrating game of STAR Power.

Some snapshots from the weekend:

Tiara & Jay smile during STAR Power trading.

A mixed-emotions group of Triangles during STAR Power. 

A group photo of the Tuesday group members waiting on the bus!

Wednesday group members mid-dinner on Saturday night.

A friendly, peaceful, happy dinner table with Eddy, Jojo, Chris, and Jas.

AJ and Lance in the middle of trading during STAR Power.

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