Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RAPP at A Rivercity Homecoming!

This past Friday was the UC Homecoming Parade for A Rivercity Homecoming Bearcat Style.  Though the Friday night timing of the parade was new, the annual tradition that all students are welcome to walk with Student Life stayed alive.

Many thanks to all the RAPPers came out and enjoyed the parade with us!
On our way to queue for the parade, Matthew (XXVI) and Randi (XXVII) stopped with me to pose with the Bearcat!

Angelo (XXVII) promoted Latinos en Accion in the parade!

Wil (XXV) with a colleague from Resident Education & Development!

Randi (XXVII) shows off her candy sharing skills!

Tass the RAPP Dog met the Bearcat with skepticism.

A quick Student Life snapshot before the parade kicked off!

Nicole and Nicole of SALD smile with Dean Bowen!

Sakinah and Stacy (XXVI) smile for a quick snapshot!

We ran into friends along the way! Center is Vicki who supervised the RAPP Program Coordinators for several years!

And more friends!  Dy'Mand (XXV) was all smiles along the parade route!

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