Friday, October 7, 2011


Today was an exciting day in the RAPP Office!  We got to welcome RAPP XXVII members to their groups!

Nearly 200 students connected with RAPP to apply for the 2011-12 class!  We extended invitations to 72 students and have a short waiting list for any spots that open up in the next two weeks.

All the invited members have been called, emailed, and added to the RAPP XXVII listservs and Blackboard page.  We'll meet up for the first times next week on Tuesday, October 11th, and Wednesday, October 12th!

New to the process this year is the Student Activities & Leadership Development Academic Excellence Policy, which requires students to have a 2.3 GPA to participate.  With this initial check and quarterly check-ins, we'll ensure that our students are students first and get connected with the many support services available at UC if they struggle academically.

It took a big team to get the group in place!  We simply wouldn't be able to function without these amazing volunteers.

Many thanks to our recruitment team:  Brice Mickey (XXV), Danielle Thomas (XXV), David Taylor (XXVI), Fatima Thomas (XXV), Jojo Azevedo (XXIV),  Kevin Weber (XXVI), Mika Kousha (XXVI), Rachel Berman (XXV) and Sarah B (XXVI)!

Many thanks also to the many people who helped conduct interviews:  Adam Lambert (XXV), Bianca Ruffin (XXVI), Brice Mickey (XXV), DeVorah YisraEL (XXIV), Jojo Azevedo (XXIV), Kevin Weber (XXVI), Krystal Smith (XXIV), Maggy Fogler (RED Assistant Director), Marjorie Bledsoe (XXV), Matthew Woodruff (XXVI), and Sara Sadat-Hossieny (XXVI)!

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