Thursday, October 6, 2011

RAPP at the Health & Wellness and Student Activities Fair

Today marked the end to what I call our annual tabling season:  The annual Health & Wellness and Student Activities Fair.  This fall event is organized by the UC Student Wellness Center and the Student Activities Board.

The event was packed and - thanks to our awesome recruitment volunteers AJ (XXVI), Joey (XXVI), Mieshia (XXIV), and Marjorie (XXV) - our table was popular!  It also was a great time to say hi to lots of RAPPers!

Here are some snapshots from the event!

AJ (XXVI) staffed the table all day and got a pile of applicants (literally)!

Shanade (XXVI) stopped by with a friend!

N'Deye (XXVI) stopped by the RAPP table!

Chika (XXIV) let us know she feels a way.

Joey (XXVI) and Mieshia (XXIV) promoted us all over!

Jojo (XXIV), DeVorah (XXIV), and Mieshia pose for a picture!

Cassie (XXVI) stopped by the RAPP table with a smile!

Shy (XXVI) was out promoting NightWalk!
Courtney (XXVI) stopped for a snack at the fair!

And so did Rachel (XXV)!

Tiara (XXVI) gave a bright hello! 
Stacy (XXVI) promoted Umoja Praise Dance Ensemble!

This, surprisingly, was at the LESS crowded time of the fair!

Jojo (XXIV) helped promoted Latinos en Accion!

Rebecca (XXII) and Joey (XXVI) got a snapshot with the Bearcat!

Dy'Mand (XXV) and Tori (XXVI) stopped by with smiles!

Jojo, Danielle (XXVI), and Krystal (XXIV) ended the fair on a great note!

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