Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Snapshots from RAPPORT's First Workshop of 2011-12

RAPPORT held our first workshop of the academic year this past Monday.  The meeting ran from 6PM-8PM in Stratford Heights Pavilion.

Workshops focus on social justice education skills and knowledge - slightly different than the topical and self- and/or issues-focus of our meetings.

This workshop focused on exploring the concept of social justice education and goal + goal-setting.  It ended with participants setting a personal goal around social justice education.

Joey (XXVI), Jojo (XXIV), N'deye (XXVI) and Dustin discuss a definition of social justice education.

Marjorie (XXV), AJ (XXVI), and DeVorah (XXIV) make a word cloud about their definitions of social justice education.

Tiara (XXVI) and Lulu (XXII) present their word cloud.

Jojo, Matthew (XXVI), and DeVorah discuss their "orders" at Le Chateau Goale.

Tiara, Dustin, and Bobby (XXV) work on their goals. 
After the workshop, several of us ventured to the PAC Haunted Mansion!
Thanks to all who were able to come out and make the evening fun and meaningful!

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