Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2012 Social Justice League is in Effect!

We are very excited about the 2012 Social Justice League, and would like to introduce our members for the year!

Allison Furterer-RAPP XXVI, RAPPORT Track
Brice Mickey- RAPP XXV, Individual Track
Bobby Filbin-RAPP XXV, Individual Track
Cassie Baxter-RAPP XXVI, RAPPORT Track
DeVorah YisraEL- RAPP XXIV, Individual Track
Jasmine Hines-RAPP XXVI, RAPPORT Track
Jasmine Land-RAPP XXVI, RAPPORT Track
Jojo Azevedo-RAPP XXIV, Individual Track
Kevin Weber - RAPP XXVI, RAPPORT Track
Matt Miller-RAPP XXVI, RAPPORT/Individual Track
Matthew Woodruff-RAPP XXVI, Peer Leader Track
Mieshia Barnes-RAPP XXIV, Peer Leader Track
Marjorie Bledsoe-RAPP XXV, Individual Track
Rachel Berman-RAPP XXV, Individual Track
Tyler Thompson-RAPP XXV, Peer Leader Track
Wil Pierce-RAPPXXV, Peer Leader Track

The Social Justice League has several learning tracks designed to engage participants individually in a way that ensures optimal learning experiences for each person. Each track has specific guidelines that participants fulfill during their experiences, including:

·         Facilitating workshops  
·         Attending RAPPORT meetings
·          Blogging
·         Taking on leadership roles within RAPP and RAPPORT as Peer Leaders
·         Interning/Facilitating with RAPP and RAPPORT 

The Social Justice League was started in 2010 as a way to provide a structured post-RAPP experience and provide a space to work intentionally on developing skills and knowledge in social justice education.  It has also re-invigorated the RAPPORT program - increasing participation in meetings and improving the curricular structure of RAPPORT.

The Social Justice League provides motivation for RAPP graduates to stay connected with RAPP and RAPPORT, a tangible benefit and sense of progress, and a sense of structure and direction that many RAPPORT participants previously stated they missed from the RAPP experience.

Stay tuned to learn about all the awesome things the Social Justice League will be doing in 2012!!

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