Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introducing "Beyond the Circle" to the RAPP Blog!

The RAPP Blog is over two years old and has had over 52,000 hits!  With that success in mind, we began exploring ways to further improve the blog and make it more interactive.  This quarter, I've been working to recruit and prepare a team of bloggers to unveil our new feature:  Dialogue-generating articles on social justice issues!

Thanks to a Facebook question sent to hundreds of RAPP community members, we selected the feature's name:  Beyond the Circle.

Folks who have been in RAPP or participated in RAPPORT meetings know we spend a lot of time sitting in circles engaging in dialogue.  This new feature will hopefully help people take dialogue around social justice issues outside of their current circle.  This new feature will also hopefully push people outside their usual comfort circle (okay, zone, but circle for this context) by challenging them to read new ideas and engage in reflection and conversation about potentially uncomfortable topics.

Coming soon will be bios and photos of the blog team.  For now,this quarter's Beyond the Circle team is shaping up to include:

Adam Voegele - Current RAPP XXVII member
DeVorah YisraEL - RAPP XXIV, Social Justice Leagues 2011 & 2012, RAPPORT Intern
Brice Mickey - RAPP XXV, Social Justice Leagues 2011 & 2012
Laura Perez - Current RAPP XXVII member
Marjorie Bledsoe - RAPP XXV, Social Justice Leagues 2011 & 2012, RAPP Public Ally
Matt Miller - RAPP XXVI, Social Justice League 2012
Matthew Woodruff - RAPP XXVI, Social Justice League 2012
Wil Pierce - RAPP XXV, Social Justice Leagues 2011 & 2012

Many thanks to all the folks who have worked to get this feature up and running!  Please keep an eye on the feature and send feedback to me at

The Facebook question that got us the name!

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