Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Recognizing Participation: RAPP XXVII Off to a Strong Start!

A word RAPPers hear a lot is commitment.  In recent years we've defined that as "present in body and mind" at as many of our groups' meetings and retreats as possible.  From the moment they first get the RAPP Interest Form through nearly every meeting, we talk about the challenges and expectations of such an intense commitment.

RAPPers are a busy group!  They have busy courseloads, jobs, families, other organizational commitments, and all those other priorities that come with life.  Conflicts come up between our many priorities as well as those unplanned events in life that take us away from our plans, like illness, family emergencies, transportation issues, and more.

With all of that in mind, I like us to take time to recognize the folks who were able to get out to all the meetings/retreats on the schedule each quarter.

Tuesday Group
Allison S
Carrie C
Chris N
Danny L
Darienne J
Daryl H
Ellie R
Emily R
Jasmine W
Jojo M-L
Justin C
Laura P
Nick G
Patrick G
Roran T
Sam R
Sanchit G

Wednesday Group
Adam V
Angelo C
Asuka Y
Becky K
Candice A
Chris F
Christal H
Farooq A
Frances R
Jalisa H
Jamieson W
Jessica N
Keshar S
Mary S
Megan K
Natalie A
Nick H
Randi H
Sarah L
Sean B
Tiffany S

Our Peer Leaders sign on to a slightly smaller commitment in terms of attending the RAPP XXVII meetings/retreats (though they put in time elsewhere with meetings & trainings).  All of our Peer Leaders are on track fulfilling their commitment, so many thanks to Matthew, Mieshia, Tyler, and Wil!

Many thanks also to our RAPP interns and Public Ally this year!  They have all gone above and beyond their intern contracts in time commitment to our groups!

Danny, Chris, Jojo, Deanna, Jessica, and Sanchit of XXVII Tuesday at Fall Retreat!

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