Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Spring Break Service Learning Opportunity: Developing Sustainable Solutions for Gender Empowerment - Mar 13th-24th!

From UC International:

New Spring Break Service Learning opportunity: Service Learning India - March 13-24, 2013  March Developing sustainable solutions or gender empowerment through Service Learning in India

Program Description:  This 14-week course will focus on how to develop sustainable business ventures  as a vehicle to solve social  problems.  Students will partner with an Indian non-governmental organization (NGO)  committed to empower, educate, and rehabilitate sexually exploited women and children from rural India.  While in India over spring break, students will study the NGO, develop a sustainable business model for the NGO, talk with entrepreneurs, and listen to the women’s stories.  Class projects will include digital storytelling as a way to assist the NGO to spread their story and expand their mission.   “Give voice, create solutions, and transform lives.”
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For more information contact   tel:  556-7081  

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