Friday, October 19, 2012

RAPP Outreach in Fall Semester

As a programming area in Student Activities & Leadership Development, RAPP works in three main ways:  Intensives, RAPPORT, and Outreach.  Outreach is where we have a great opportunity for broad impact and is where we engage the most Bearcats.

So far this semester, we have done six programs on campus and connected with around 150 people.  Appropriate for midterms, we have another six scheduled.  Here are some snapshots of what we've done this fall:

  • We explored the Just Community Principles and how they relate with our community & student success with the AACRC Habari Gani Ambassadors.
  • We explored communication about race, daily experiences of race, and positive racial identity development with the students of Psych 2042, Psychology of Interpersonal Relations.
  • We discussed ourselves in the context of multiple identities and explored how that impacts our lives and community with members of the UC chapter of Future Educators of America.
  • We explored our connections with the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), its history in America, and the history of resistance & change in the Introduction to the PIC Workshop with Jefferson Complex RA Brendon Richey.
  • We identified demographics and resources around race, gender, sexuality, and ability and explored how complex these identities are in university life with McMicken Ambassadors.
  • Rebecca shared her journey into Social Justice Education and her perspectives on/experiences in the field, as well as led an activity on multiple identity self-awareness, with the students of Careers in Communication.
Still ahead are the showing of The Line in Stratford Heights, the faculty & staff focused Creating a Gender-Inlcusive Campus, inclusive leadership with the Student Government First-Year Leadership Program, and workshops with first-year learning communities.

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