Thursday, October 11, 2012

Showing Up for Racial Justice's "No Room 4 Racism" Campaign Kicks Off!

From Showing Up for Racial Justice:


Who isn’t tired of the barrage of negative assumptions, assertions and allusions to people and communities of color in this presidential election season. We at Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) want to re-focus this election on the real issues that matter to us not the thinly-veiled attacks on communities of color, poor people and women that prove so distracting and damaging well beyond Election Day.
Starting today, October 8th and ending on Election day November 8th, organizations and individuals from around the country will engage more white people in viewing the elections through a racial justice lens. Participants have signed up to take part in a series of actions designed to advance efforts for social justice and elevate the visibility of white people Showing Up for Racial Justice.
Throughout the month we will shine a light on some key issues: education, immigration, voter suppression, criminal justice, and the economy.
You can help amplify and create change with your communities, organizations, online, at work, and even in your own home. We’ve crafted these actions to fit into your lifestyle and allow you to Show Up for Racial Justice this election season because every little bit counts!

Week 1 = Education

The disproportionate numbers of children of color and poor children who are not graduating from high school, and the systemic pattern of a school to prison pipeline for young black and Latino youth are destroying the futures of millions.
What we can do: As white people showing up for racial justice we want to use this week to show that we believe all children and youth deserve an education that honors and respects who they are, are provided with equal and fair classroom settings, and who are given the tools to be successful, active citizens of the world.

2 MINUTE ACTION: In just 1 click you can spread the word

Twitter: click for an already formatted tweet: (Or copy/paste in Twitter and make sure to use our #noroom4racism tag) Education is as important as the economy. Youth deserve a future, not incarceration. #schooltoprisonpipeline #noroom4racism
Facebook: Post this image on your facebook page and share your thoughts on the mis-education of our youth, and the perils of systemic racism in our education system.

5 MINUTE ACTION: Download, print and snap

Using our readymade sign: just print it out and snap a pic of you holding it and upload it to our facebook page or website.
You can do it on your lunch break, or even when you get home from work — taking a photo with your whole family is a great reason for starting a dialogue about critical issues of race. Be bold and share via your facebook too. Feel free to get creative and make your own sign too!


Over Dinner…. Hold a house party to discuss race and the election: Use a short movie, or the presidential debates to spark the conversation. Use the Ballots and Beyond toolkit for ideas for how to structure the house party and conversation. This is a toolkit put together by Catalyst Project ( as a fundraising tool and can be adapted to your locale.
On a Saturday with Your Friends
1. Go to a public place with at least two people, and a video camera.
2. Signage reads: Does it Matter if Your Black or White? Education, Race, and the Elections 2012
3. Interview people on camera after engaging with them the way the racism is being used during this campaign.
4. If they AGREE with you, ask them to say the following on camera: My name is _________ and I want a fair campaign, where all Americans are unified—not divided—by race and culture. No Room 4 Racism

ONGOING:“Thanks for Doing It Right!”

We know it doesn’t happen a lot, but when someone does something “right” around race in the election make a note of it. Hold it up as how we want to see the issue of race communicated during this campaign. If you notice someone doing it right, or someone doing it wrong, we want to hear about it! Write a short post on our website, or share on Twitter and use our campaign #NoRoom4Racism!
Using social media consider the following steps:
  1. First, state what the person/media campaign did that was positive
  2. Use the positivity to point out issues of “fairness”
  3. Use comparisons of when people haven’t been “fair” about race
  4. Reiterate this is what everyday Americans want


Your Actions are important! We want to shine the light on people who care! So please document your action(s) and do the following:
For more information on how to get involved, or media inquiries please contact JLove: 917-753-0186 OR

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