Friday, May 10, 2013

Lessons Learned: Give Broad Directions

There are various types of activities conducted during RAPP sessions. In the past we have engaged groups around similar concepts, but used many different approaches. Whether it’s discussion-based, reflective, visual, or kinesthetic, groups have managed to employ ideas presented to them in meaningful ways. I believe it is important to refrain from aiming toward one style of motivating the learning process. We can help do this by welcoming several new ideas when brainstorming content for meetings. Eventually when activities are decided, consider different ways for the group to initiate them. When giving directions to the group, state that there are many ways to approach the activity, and make it known that there is no correct method to perform this. Stating these general rules avoids stifling and produces diverse insight. If participants express concern for their accuracy, reassure them to trust their abilities and make the task meaningful for themselves. 

RAPPORT Retreat 2013
Depictions of what empathy is/isn't 

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