Friday, May 3, 2013

Spread the Word Tip #5: Come to the Table

With Accelerating Racial Justice 2013 applications due tonight, we're reposting this short series from August 2010:

Let's do a quick Spread the Word Tip review:
#1 - Wear you RAPP t-shirt, it's a great conversation piece.
#2 - Help folks avoid common misconceptions about RAPP - let them know it's open to EVERY UC student and that we talk about race AND other topics.
#3 - Remember that "word of mouth" really also includes "word of fingers-and-keyboard" - our on-line presence is important.
#4 - You can win stuff for helping spread the word! Woot!

Now, on to #5 - Come to the Table.
RAPP does information tables at events three out of the four quarters of the year. In spring, we're out at WorldFest and the Student Activities Fair. All summer long we're out three days a week at Student Spotlight in incoming new student orientation. 

Stop by the TUC Atrium between 3PM and 5PM any of the following dates to help staff the RAPP table and connect with incoming students:

Monday, June 3 
Wednesday, June 5
Thursday, June 6
Monday, June 10
Tuesday, June 11
Thursday, June 13
Monday, June 17
Tuesday, June 18
Wednesday, June 19
Monday, June 24    
Tuesday, June 25
Wednesday, June 26
Monday July, 1
Tuesday July, 2
Monday July, 8
Tuesday July, 9
Wednesday, July 10
Monday, July 15
Tuesday, July 16
Wednesday, July 17 

Fall will involve many opportunities to stop by, bring friends to, or help out at RAPP informational tables. We'll be out a LOT this fall, keep your eyes on this blog and - if you're on the RAPPORT listserv - on your email.

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