Friday, May 3, 2013

Spread the Word Tip #4: Get Competitive

With Accelerating Racial Justice 2013 applications due this Friday, we're reposting this short series from August 2010:
Our first three tips (#1#2, & #3) were general things you can do throughout the year. Our
Eddie C won a prize bag for RAPP XXVI recruitment
fourth is more connected to a specific activity to participate in!

RAPP's a pretty non-competitive thing - after how, how do you measure a "top winner" in fighting oppression, individual awareness, or collective action. That said, a spirit of competition emerges at times. Here's a time I'm fostering it!

Announcing the RAPP Recruitment Contest!!!

From the data we collect during the application process, we know that word of mouth is our strongest recruitment tool. The information tables, flyers, classroom visits, announcements at trainings/meetings, and website are all important – but we know that most folks who join RAPP did so after hearing about it from people they know.

We want to do everything we can to encourage RAPPers to help with spreading the word about RAPP. So, we're offering a recruitment contest to give us all a little extra motivation!

There are two ways to win an awesome RAPP gift-pack!
1. The person who is cited as "how I heard about RAPP" on the most applications of who apply for ARJ 2013 wins a prize bag in mid-May!
2. The person cited most for RAPP XXIX wins a prize bag in September!

What do I win?
These gift-packs will continue to grow as I collect random cool stuff. At the point, we know they’ll include:
· Reusable shopping bag(s)
· RAPP swag
· UC swag - Bearcat supplies and apparel

How do I win?
Applicants write down how they heard about RAPP on their written application. If your name is listed on a submitted application, this counts as you having recruited them.

Applicants can list more than one person – in that case, all people listed get credit.

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