Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spread the Word Tip #3: On-Line Presence

With Accelerating Racial Justice 2013 applications due this Friday, we're reposting this short series from August 2010:

When it comes down to it, the Spread the Word Tips will be about word-of-mouth promotion of RAPP. We know it's the most effective route we've had, so it's just a way of encouraging you to know that you're doing a great thing when you do things that encourage conversation about RAPP (like wear your RAPP t-shirt) and help debunk misconceptions about RAPP.

Today's tip is to remind you that these interactions needn't necessarily be face-to-face.

Hopefully, the work to create an "RAPP 2.0" on-line presence will help you in that. Based on what we've got, here are a few ways you can promote RAPP on-line. Please pass along your ideas on how we can do this better!

  1. Are you a fan of our FB page? Or, I guess, in the newest iteration of FB, do you "like" our page?
    You can follow the latest goings-on on RAPP. Like things we post that interest you. Post links/photos/comments/ideas on our wall.
  2. Want to let folks know how to join RAPP? Put this URL out there: 
  3. Post your thoughts on RAPP in your status. Post your RAPP pictures and let folks know what you were up to. That status feed can be creepy, but it also lets people know what you were up to and how you felt about RAPP.

RAPP has a YouTube Channel. While the videos are amateurish at best, you're welcome to repost them. Feel free to post them to your Facebook, send the links through Twitter, email them to friends, or play them when you're talking to friends.


RAPP has a Twitter account under the profile name cinciRAPP. It was initially set up as a way for RAPPers to tweets reminding them about meetings and deadlines. That didn't take off, so now it'll be used for general reminders and info about RAPP.

Follow us if you're on Twitter. Reply to us. Let others know we're out there.


Do you have a blog? Do you follow this blog? Have you blogged about RAPP? You can do much with RAPP and your blog - and in the spirit of cross-promotion, any time you blog about RAPP please feel free to post it on the RAPP wall. Odds are I'll mention it here, too!

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