Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meet the RAPP XXIX Facilitation Team!

RAPP XXIX comes together for the first time this week to begin its academic year long journey together.  Meet the team that will be working with the group and behind the scenes to shape the experience.  The photos and bios come from training time together pre-RAPP.

Brice Mickey
Hi! My name is Brice and I am an IT major going into my senior year.  I have been involved with RAPP for some time now (since XXV) and I love the program for what it has taught me.  Last year I was a proud facilitator of RAPP XXVIII and I look forward to reprising that role again with XXIX.

Jalisa Holifield
Jalisa is a 4th year Dietetic student from Cincinnati, Ohio.  This will be her third experience with RAPP, having become an alum of RAPP XXVII and ARJ 1, in 2011-12 school year.
When she is not studying for her advanced nutrition courses she enjoys napping, snacking on healthy food, and dancing.

Nathaniel Bell
I was born in Montgomery, Alabama in a year that predates the fall of the Berlin Wall.  My father, who was in the Air Force at the time, was stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, hence that being my birthplace.  We moved when I was three, so I have no memory of Alabama.
From age three to twelve, I lived in Maryland, though we moved often.  At twelve, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky, which I now consider my hometown.  Almost four years ago, I moved to Dayton, Ohio and began college at Sinclair Community College.  Almost two years ago, I transferred to UC, knowing not a soul in Cincinnati.  Now I'm getting ready to go to grad school somewhere else.  I guess what I'm saying is that I'm a nomad.
There's more, but Rebecca is saying "finish up your last sentence now."  So, feel free to ask me whatever.  I'm fairly reticent, though I'm open when asked about most anything.  Also, I'm a pretentious English major who uses words like, "reticent."

Rebecca Lehman
Personality: Likes to laugh, be ambiguous in answering questions, and awkwardly dance at surprising times
Group activities: Diversity Funding Grant review committee (SALD), Turner Scholars Selection Committee, Faculty/Staff Campaign of Proudly Cincinnati, UC Memorial Committee, advisor to Planet Lan IT and Yoga for the Soul, Nat'l Association for Multicultural Education, ACPA
Grew Up: Hamilton! OH
Hobbies: Swimming, playing ukulele, reading, watching TV
Pet Peeve: When people yawn without covering their mouth
Politics: Fighting oppression through individual awareness and collective action

Siva Nagi Reddy Inturi
I am a laid back person.  I take things easily.  I speak my mind and am very open. I assume myself as a good listener.  I have done many activities, like president of the Graduate Student Association (Chemical) for two years and sports groups.
I am from the southern part of India.  I like sports, hanging with friends, walking, and many more.  I am little political and would love to talk about my opinions only if others are interested.

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