Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SJTI: Brice's Perspective

My core group styled ourselves as the "Social Justice League." Sound familiar?...
The Social Justice Training Institute, held at UMass Lowell, was an amazing experience for many reasons. I made friends with fellow students from all over the country who shared a passion for this kind of material. It felt really special considering it was the institute's fifteen year anniversary. I also made professional connections with people who have worked in this field for many years. Sometimes RAPP feels so one of a kind that you forget there is an entire community out there that supports social justice principles. The sense of comradery among my peers at the institute was something not to be forgotten. I also won't forget bonding with Meg and Jamieson. I couldn't have asked for two better travelling companions/co-workers/friends. I hope to have many other social justice adventures like this in the future!
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