Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2014-15 Facilitation Teams Announced

One of the difficult behind-the-scenes parts of RAPP is selecting the which students will be on the facilitation teams for RAPP's programs.  Each year now we receive far more applications from students with great skills and desire for ongoing learning than we have spots that we can effectively support.

This year, we had 22 applicants for only 11 spots.  The candidates brought a wide range of experiences, wisdom, and desired learning.  Through many hours of work individually reading applications and conversing about the teams, our selection team built the teams below.  Please join me in appreciating the folks who did this work: Brice Mickey, Jojo Azevedo, Marquez White, Sam Foltz, Sid Thatham, and Tianshu Lu.

Accelerating Racial Justice 2014 Team
Eric Muenchen, Peer Leader
Diamond Penn, Peer Leader
Meg Groat, Student Worker/Facilitator
Mia Lawrie, Student Facilitator
Siva Nagi Reddy Inturi, Peer Leader

Bridge Parham, Peer Leader
Jacob Harnist, Peer Leader
Shawnee Haslon, Peer Leader
Tristen Hall, Student Worker/Facilitator

Ali Davis, Student Worker/Facilitator
Julie Nemitz, Student Worker/Facilitator

Accelerating Racial Justice 2015
Daycia Harley, Student Worker/Facilitator

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