Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Major Loss: Toni Rodriguez

This morning, Toni Rodriguez passed away after a many years long battle with cancer.  Toni was a member of RAPP XI and continual supporter & contributor to RAPP.

Memories of Toni & her impact are being shared on her Facebook and on a special page. I'll post information about remembrances as I hear them.

Toni was one of the first RAPPers I connected with online after starting in my role as Program Coordinator. She first messaged with me after I posted on Facebook a series scanned photos from RAPP's first decades.  She was positive and delighted that we were continuing the work.

Toni was already battling cancer at this time.  She wasn't able to make the trip to our 25 Year Reunion, but contributed greatly to it by promoting it to her peers and sending many optimistic messages.  She also contributed greatly to RAPP's rebranding in 2009-10 - she spread the word, she gave encouraging messages, and thoughtful feedback.

One of my favorite memories of Toni is an annual interaction I looked forward to each year.  When I would post on Facebook about upcoming group photos, she would always encourage every member to make sure they were there.  She would joke about her younger self's decision to do something else instead of be in the photo.

I know that I am one of thousands who will miss Toni, her encouragement, her support, and her strength. Her impact on all around her will be remembered for a very long time to come.


Toni is second from the left in this snapshot from a RAPP XI retreat.
RAPP XI - Every year, Toni would laugh and question why her younger self had missed her group photo.
A recent photo of Toni.

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  1. Toni was someone that you could not help but be drawn to and intrigued by. She had a sharp wit, loved to argue a point, yet was always quick with something goofy but funny, guaranteed to make you smile. She kick you in pants when you needed it but be the first to lead the encouragement. She was a good person, good soul and good friend