Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RAPP Leaders Go On To Be... Famous Vloggers!

A couple of years back, we made a couple videos called "RAPPers Go On To Be..." to highlight how involvement in RAPP makes sense for all Bearcats regardless what career you might be headed toward.

In reflecting on encouraging people to apply for formal leadership positions in RAPP, we thought it could be similarly useful to highlight how people have contributed to RAPP and gone on to apply the knowledge they learned in a variety of impactful professions.

Krystal at the 2013-14 RAPPORT Year-End Celebration.
Krystal Smith (RAPP XXIV) was a Peer Leader with RAPP XXV. Along with being an alumna of UC in romance languages, Krystal has had multiple videos from her Krissychula Youtube channel highlighted around the web and one already went viral (over 2.5 million direct views).  She mixes music, celebrities, vulnerability, and social justice issues throughout her videos.

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