Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lessons Learned: Self Care


It's absolutely incredible how I forgot one of the most important aspects of success and good health- self care. I've always been busy whether it's volunteering, working, studying or all other tasks and had never stopped to think: Am I taking care of myself?

4 hours a night of sleep, eating quick unhealthy meals, and not leaving enough time to have personal time to myself ultimately contributed to the extreme amount of stress that I had been feeling for months. I thought it was simply because I was too busy - wrong. It had a lot to do with the fact that I hadn't made self care my top priority like it should have been. I constantly wondered why I was so tired, why I was spending so much money on coffee and why I couldn't seem to remember to get tasks completed. It wasn't because I didn't want to do them - it was solely because my body and mind were desperately trying to show me that I needed more sleep, nutrients, and personal time.

About a month ago I made it a goal to exercise a couple times a week to keep my body in good physical health. In addition to going to the gym, I made a goal to eat healthy foods - more veggies and fruits. It was amazing what that small change in my diet and routine did for my brain and body. I made a lifestyle change - the little changes weren't cutting it any longer, I needed to give my body time and effort that it has needed for so long in order to keep me healthy enough to complete my tasks and responsibilities and be happy and healthy about it!

To me, there is nothing more important when you are in a position of leadership (which is all the time) than keeping yourself healthy and happy. It wasn't easy to make all of these lifestyle changes, however, it was worth it - more than I ever imagined. Give your body some love!

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