Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#RAWR Recruit Away With RAPP!

If you didn't know, RAPP is holding a recruitment challenge for RAPP XXX and ARJ 2014!

Essentially, whomever gets the most people to apply to either intensive (one winner for ARJ, one winner for RAPP), will win a bag full UC goodies. Rebecca and the RAPPORT Facilitators will purchase things from the book store just for those winners along with additional RAPP goodies.

To win, all you have to do is have the most amount of people mention you on their application as one of the reasons they applied to RAPP/ARJ. This is where you get a chance to #RAWR!

Ways you can #RAWR:

Post a Facebook Status and tell them to mention you
Tweet a recruitment status
Table with RAPP and make sure to tell folks to add your name to their RAPPlication
Talk to students at student welcomes
Send people the RAPP & ARJ info pages
Mention it to your peers in summer classes
And many more ways!

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